Pro Fight Gloves (KYO and Halcyon)


Our 8oz fight gloves are typically used for competitions only, and are the least padded gloves that you can get. They allow boxers to feel the full force of their punches, and punch fast and hard with ease. 

Boxers do not tend to train in an 8oz glove, they are for competitions only. We don’t recommend using 8oz gloves as an all-round training glove, these gloves should only be used for professional fights or hitting pads but please be aware they are not designed for long term use. 

Recommended for - Competitive fights, or for light pad/bag work (under 45kg).

10oz / 10oz XL

10oz fight gloves are also commonly used in competitions, being slightly bigger than the 8oz but still a light and compact glove. They also are very lightly padded like an 8oz glove, meaning they allow you to punch with speed and work on stamina. 

There are also 10oz XL gloves, for those with bigger hands who need a larger hand compartment (but still in a 10oz size.) These gloves should only be used for professional fights or hitting pads, so please be aware they are not designed for long-term use

Recommended for - Competitive fights, or for light pad/bag work (under 50kg).

Training Gloves (Superloop & Superlace)


8oz gloves are the smallest ounce training gloves that we have in our Superloop and Superlace ranges. 

They're great for those looking for a small and lightweight glove to keep up their fitness, or for people with smaller hands.

They aren't recommended for sparring as they are very lightweight and not very padded, but they can be used on pads and bags.


10oz gloves are also a smaller-sized glove, and can be used for pads and bags. Great for those looking for a lightweight glove that they can work on their fitness in, or use to hone in on technique and skills. 

We don't recommend them for sparring as they don't have much padding for protection.


12oz gloves are often used as an all-round training glove by those with slightly smaller hands, or someone small in size. They can be used for pad work, bag work, and some very light sparring. They tend to be a comfortable fit for most peoples hands, and provide a good level of protection for your hands. 

They’re good for beginners with smaller hands, who are looking for a solid all-round training glove. They aren’t too heavy or oversized making them good gloves for many different types of boxing training, but aren’t recommended for sparring unless you’re small in size or under 14 years old as they will be too lightly padded.

Recommended for - All-round training glove for those with slightly smaller hands or who might be female. (Under 60kg)


14oz gloves are the most commonly used all-around training gloves, making them a great choice of glove for most people who are new to boxing. They generally fit well for average-sized individuals and can be used for pad work, bag work, and sparring for under anyone under 160lbs (72kg). 

If you are on the smaller side, you might be able to get away with wearing 14oz’s to spar in. They are great for general training as they give you a good level of protection and support, and allow you to get used to training in a heavier glove.


16oz glove are the general consensus glove for many gyms worldwide when it comes to sparring, with 16s being the standard size to use for sparring. As mentioned, if you’re a smaller boxer you might be able to get away with sparring in 14s if your gym allows it. 

16oz gloves are puffier and heavier with more padding, to protect your sparring partner from unnecessary damage. They allow you to protect your partner safely, whilst also keeping your hands and wrist safe. They can also be used for bag and pad work, but will feel a lot heavier than their counterparts if you use them for this kind of training. 


18oz gloves are usually used by those in heavier weight classes, who have larger hands and need a bigger glove to provide more protection. 

18s can be worn for sparring if you are heavier, giving you more padding and more protection for your opponent. They don’t tend to be worn by people unless you are of a bigger height and size, and have larger hands.

Recommended for - Sparring, for those who are heavier individuals (80kg+ or have bigger hands).